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Danon 5 Heart Charm Bracelet B3321 - 62.00
Danon square link double heart Bracelet B3383 - 80.00
Danon square link heart Bracelet B3382 - 74.00
Danon Mini heart Bracelet B3472 - 32.00
Danon Small Heart Chain Earrings EF2497 - 32.00
Danon Heart Chain Earrings EF2496 - 32.00
Danon Small Double Heart Necklace Two Tone N4663S25 - 50.00
Danon Small Double Heart Necklace N4663 - 50.00
Danon Heart Hoop Earrings E2504 - 32.00
Danon Heart Earrings EF2287 - 25.00
Danon Heart and Cube Earrings EF2499 - 32.00
Danon Double Heart Bangle B3423 - 30.00
Danon Tube Bracelet B3026 - 63.00
Danon Double Chain Heart Bracelet B3288 - 45.00
Danon Dragonfly Bangle B3404S - 25.00
Danon Double Heart Bangle B3593S - 32.00
Danon Heart Bangle B3406S - 25.00
Danon Flower and heart charm Bracelet - 74.00
Danon Bird Charm Bracelet B3053S - 87.00
Danon Chunky Heart Tassle Necklace N4645 - 82.00
Danon Chunky Heart Necklace N4471 - 62.00
Danon single Heart Necklace N4502 - 45.00
Danon Double Heart Necklace N4167 - 74.00
About DanonAbout Danon
Founded in Tel Aviv in 1976, the Danon Company has established itself as a foremostmanufacturer of costume jewelry. Over the years, it has developed and expandedits activities to other areas, such as promotional products, Judaica and giftitems.

Danon`s products are made through a synthesis of ancient methods and state-of-the-art technology. The jewellery and accessories are made out of pewter (tin alloy) or mazak (zinc alloy). Items are plated in gold, silver or brass and specially treated to assure optimum luster and durability. Products are further adorned using fine ornamentation such as Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones and exquisite beads, glass, leather, etc.

Danon?s jewelry and gifts are conceived and designed by the company`s Creativity Crew. In touch with fashion spirit, Danon?s wares are both practical and eye-catching. The products are typified by an identifiable finish that is easily associated with the Danon brand.

Danon has always strived for perfection through excellence. Thanks to a meticulous workforce, Danon has built a reputation of originality, quality and service the world over.
Danon Jewelley
Gal Danon is personally head of the jewelry design team which produces highly original and very refreshing ideas and concepts including necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and pin brooches. This is not surprising as there’s a natural creative flair throughout the country for fashion, jewelry, accessories, gifts and art. The competition drives local goldsmiths, jewelers and artisans to the pinnacles of imagination. The themes include Western, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern concepts throughout their collection, drawing on ideas from a boiling pot cultures.

For more information follow this link to Danon Jewellery Ltd

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